Critical Training Group - Mission Statement

Critical Training Group (CTG) is MCOLES Registered as an In-State Training Provider

Our Mission: Critical Training Group (CTG) has one goal and that is to provide the highest quality, most advanced training to our law enforcement and civilian clients that we possibly can.

We are law enforcement officers that continue to work and train in our fields, which allows us to continue to update and revise our training to provide the most advanced product to your department, agency or the individual officer. We will always continue to seek the most advanced training and strive to provide our clients with the most effective and cost efficient training packages we can.

Our mission, our goal, is a simple one and one that we feel has been overlooked in the training community. Provide the best training at the lowest cost to you, our clients. Our training philosophy is a combat orientated one built from our own real world experiences. Unlike many other training companies out there today, Critical Training Group (CTG) is made up of street seasoned veteran police officers, with real world experience, as well as special operation military backgrounds.  Our company’s mission will always be to teach you to win, not just survive!

Critical Training Group (CTG) Has the MOST ADVANCED Active Shooter Program in the United States. Our instructors are also certified in other systems, but none are as advanced, or comprehensive, as Critical Training Group instruction.

If your agency would like to host training, please call the phone numbers listed at the top of this website.