Critical Training Group - Mission Statement

Critical Training Group (CTG) is MCOLES Registered as an In-State Training Provider

Our Mission:

We guarantee to provide our clients with the most comprehensive, reality-based self-defense strategies and tactics, which they, in turn, can deploy in a force confrontation to defend life.

Critical Training Group (CTG) has one goal which is to provide the highest quality, most advanced combatives training to our clients that we possibly can. Our instructors come from the world of ferocity and combatives. All of our cadre are veteran military & law enforcement officers with over a century of real world street experience. Our instructors have all been baptized in the world of savagery and violence and thoroughly understand how to defend and prevail against it. This extensive experience, coupled with the tens of thousands of hours of training allows us to provide the most advanced self-defense tactics for our clients.

Our instructors continually train with the most cutting-edge use of force professionals in the world today, examples like Kyle lamb, Mike Pannone, John Krupa, Jared Reston, Brian Hoffner, Sig Sauer Academy, Frank Proctor, and the National Tactical Officers Association, to mention only a few, keep our cadre highly trained and prepared to teach the most progressive self-defense tactics.

Our client’s time and money are a precious commodity and we guarantee to provide you with the most comprehensive training at the lowest cost. Our companies training philosophy is a reality based self-defense, combat orientated one built from our own real world experiences and training. Our company’s mission will always be to teach and prepare you to win the fight, not just survive it!

If your club, range, or agency would like to host training, please contact us at your earliest convenience to set up your training package.