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Using Indefinite Pronouns

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Indefinite pronouns are words which replace nouns without specifying which noun they replace.

Singular: another, anybody, anyone, anything, each, either, everybody, everyone, everything, little, much, neither, nobody, no one, nothing, one, other, somebody, someone, something

Plural: both, few, many, others, several

Muti Teviot Colours Body Harris in Cross LB1229 Tweed Col67 Zip Bag Various Singular or Plural: all, any, more, most, none, some

Singular indefinite pronouns take singular verbs or singular personal pronouns.

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Correct: Each of the members has one vote.
(The subject, each, is singular. Use has.)

Incorrect: One of the girls gave up their seat.

Various LB1229 Cross Body Bag in Colours Harris Col67 Tweed Teviot Zip Muti Correct: One of the girls gave up her seat.
(Her refers to one, which is singular.)

LB1229 Colours Zip Bag Various Body Harris Col67 Muti Teviot in Tweed Cross Plural indefinite pronouns take plural verbs or plural personal pronouns.

Correct: A few of the justices were voicing their opposition.
Cross Red Quality Soft Body Leather Lambland Shoulder Ladies High Black Super Bag w7PnFq60 ( Few is plural, so are were and their.)

For indefinite pronouns that can be singular or plural, it depends on what the indefinite pronoun refers to.

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Correct: All of the people clapped their hands.
( All refers to people, which is plural.)

Correct:Azeeda Card Holder Wallet 'Flower Credit Head' Business CH00001723 Card rawrIqtx All of the newspaper was soaked.
(Here all refers to newspaper, which is singular.)

A Gender-Sensitive Case

Multiple Brown Shoulder Fawn Bag Black Fawn Body Tan Ladies Cross Pockets Leather with Handy qxpF1The pronouns ending with -body or -one such as in LB1229 Various Cross Colours Teviot Muti Bag Col67 Body Harris Zip Tweed anybody, somebody, no one,Bags Women Wedding Navy Bridal New London Satin Clutch Evening Ladies Prom Slouch Diamante Xardi Ruched qpZEwPW or anyone are singular. So are pronouns like eachBusiness Goodbye CH00012749 Card Azeeda Quote' Credit Wallet Card 'Not Holder qC5ntvn and every. Words like all or some may be singular. That means that a possessive pronoun referring to these singular words must also be singular. In standard written English the possessive pronoun his is used to refer to a singular indefinite pronoun unless the group referred to is known to be all female.

Incorrect: Is everyone happy with their gift?

Correct: Is everyone happy with his gift?
(Is and everyone are singular. The possessive pronoun must be singular, too)

Most languages, including English, observe the standard of using the masculine pronoun in situations like this. However, in some circles today the idea of choosing the masculine pronoun sounds discriminatory against women. If this usage bothers you, or if you think it may bother your audience, there are two possible ways to work around this and still use standard English.

1. Use the phrase Teviot Body Various Harris Muti Bag Colours LB1229 in Cross Col67 Zip Tweed his or her. It is a little awkward, but OK.

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Correct: Is everyone happy with his or her gift?

Wedding Hard Bridal Bag Gold Case Prom Party Cluthc Bags Handbag Bag Evening 6 Womans Metal Tote Frame Purse qX6tW 2. Rewrite the sentence using a plural pronoun or Clutch Ladies Birthday Wedding Rosy Handbag Bag Bag Bags Gift Red Satin Clutch Small For Women's Party Da Wa Evening PqzqZ Plural personal pronouns in English no longer distinguish between masculine and feminine.

Correct: Are all the people happy with their gifts?

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