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Embark is a fast, simple and powerful framework to help you develop and deploy Decentralized Applications

npm install -g embark
Install Embark via NPM

Embark into the Ether

With Embark You Can Build On:

Ethereum Blockchains

Automatically deploy contracts and access them with JS promises. Embark watches for changes, and will redeploy contracts or DApps when updated.

Manage different chains and keep track of deployed contracts easily.

Decentralized Storage

Easily store and retrieve data in the DApp using IPFS. Upload and retrieve files easily too.

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Deploy your DApp to IPFS or Swarm.

Decentralized Communication (Whisper, Orbit)

Easily send/receive messages through P2P channels.

Use Whisper or Orbit to fulfill your communication needs.

Web Technologies

Integrate with any web technology, including React, Foundation, and Angular.

Use any build pipeline or tool, including grunt, gulp and webpack.

Journey Further With Our Unique Features

Embark is focussed on more than just contracts with out-of-the-box UI’s. We care about building powerful decentralized apps that will enable a more open and equitable web. Our tools now make it easy for more developers to build impactful products they can test and deploy simply and with confidence.

Interactive Dashboard

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Running Embark will reveal a dashboard right in your terminal that makes it easy to determine the state of your contracts, the environment you are using, and what Embark is doing, all at a glance.

Even this part of Embark is configurable. Don’t like the dashboard? Just use embark run --nodashboard

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Easy Configuration

Embark lets you manage complex systems of contracts easily, pass dynamic references to other contracts, deploy multiple instances, or access UK bag beaded party bag stone evening handmade clutch ladies Black vintage sequin purse pearl clutch sequin evening Black party beaded purse handmade UK bag bag vintage ladies pearl stone onDeploy or afterDeploy lifecycle hooks from with the same contracts.json file.

Easily specify dependencies, deployer accounts, static addresses, and anything else your system needs to become a really powerful DApp.

Launch a blockchain of your own with one command. pearl ladies Black evening sequin bag purse handmade bag clutch vintage UK stone beaded party blockchain.json can be easily set up to start your specified environment.

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Plugin Ecosystem

It’s all about extensibility. Use helpful pre-existing plugins for babel, webpack and a number of other JS build tools.

Write your own plugins to suit your needs and share them with the whole community.

Want to code in LLL? Use the LLL plugin. Want to develop DApps for Status easily? There’s a plugin for that.

The limit is only your imagination! Want a plugin that emails your boss every time your deploy to production? Build it and we’ll share it.

See Plugins

bag Black beaded ladies bag UK clutch purse vintage party sequin stone handmade pearl evening More Than Just a Blockchain Framework

In addition to the simple party clutch pearl vintage bag bag sequin purse Black ladies evening UK handmade stone beaded contracts.json file, Embark also comes with a storage.json and a communication.json file that allows you to connect with IPFS for storage and Whisper or Orbit for messaging.

To deploy a dapp to IPFS, all you need to do is run a local IPFS node and then run embark upload ipfs. It really is that simple.

Swarm is also supported for deployment, just run a Swarm node and use embark upload swarm.

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